A Big Hole

from by Quaoar

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Tough Guy, from "Dreamers. Dreaming" (2015)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons atribution - Non comercial - No derivates 4.0 International License.


A Big Hole

And the years keep going by and it always seems there’s somewhere else where I have to be,
another place where someone needs me.
And I’m tired of being the cornerstone, the foundation. I wish I could stop. How hard it is not to feel guilty.
For I lost the right to fail on the very day I took this trail.

[solo: H. Landaluce]

Lean on me but don’t get used to. Be whatever you want to be but don’t rely on me, please.
Rise and walk. Dance. Sing. For I had enough of this.

Know that one day I’ll be sick and gone. And you'll run like headless chickens back and forth
when all the dreams you crushed ain’t but a hole. A Big Hole.

And when I ran for shelter what have I found? Cold silence, aloof eyes, cool touch. Vile ways
that make me feel so empty.
And I’m tired of feeling like a puppet. You know? Damn it! she’s supposed to greet me, man. I
feel like a sailor coming back to no home.

And it’s hard to see flowers in her hair when she blackmails me for what I am.

Know that one day I’ll be sick and gone. And you'll run like a headless chicken back and forth
'cause all the dreams you crushed ain’t but a hole. A Big Hole.

"Lead the way. There ain't another like you here. Use these burdens as a spur. There are still moments left to share. Don't lose faith now."


[solo: H. Landaluce]

See my hands, they give shape to a dream.
Don't you let your Vision disappear.

Know that one day we’ll be sick and gone. And you'll fall 'cause that's the only fate you'll know
unless you finally get that those hands can give shape to all dreams.


from Dreamers. Dreaming, released January 15, 2015
Music: Palacios
Lyrics: L. Agudo




Quaoar Bilbao, Spain

Quaoar is a rock band from Bilbao (Spain) that plays rock with no limits or expectations. Progressive, grunge, stoner, metal, alternative... It really doesn´t matter... Listen to our third album, Dreamers. Dreaming, and get into the Quaoarian experience for yourself! ... more

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